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Video Capture Cards based on zr36067(zoran)

miroVIDEO DC10

Brief info

Debian Lenny

Video input


(needs configuring)


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Video output


(needs configuring)


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Modern kernels (at least 2.6.26 2.6.29) do not properly autodetect zr36067 cards, so to run this card one should unload zr36067 module and then load it again with card=N option. For miroVIDEO DC10 N should be 1 (for new version of card) or 0 (for old one):

# rmmod zr36067 
# modprobe zr36067 card=1

If module was successfully loaded, video0 device was added to your /dev :

# ls /dev/video[0-9]

To make this module correctly load at boot-time, we should strictly point out what options should be used while autoloading this module

# echo "options zr36067 card=1" >> /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf


If you've successfully installed your card, you can view video from Video In on your display using the xawtv program, or save the video stream using the lavrec utility from the MJPEG Project (You will have to build it yourself or take it from the Christian Marillat's repository, as there is no mjpeg in the Debian repository)


You can play video through DC10 Video Out using MPlayer, but you will need MPlayer built with zoran (synonym for zr36067) support. There is no such MPlayer in the Debian repository, so you will have to build a package with this video output driver. Here are brief instructions on how to do it.

  1. Install MPlayer's build dependencies and acquire the mplayer source package:

    $ su
    # apt-get build-dep mplayer && exit
    $ apt-get source mplayer
  2. Then add the zoran support option to build files. To do it open rules file from debian directory:

    $ editor mplayer-*/debian/rules

    Find line that starts from DEB_BUILD_CONFIGURE= , add --enable-zr --enable-libavcodec_a to the list of options in that line, save file, and exit.

  3. After that, start building:

    $ cd mplayer-* ; dpkg-buildpackage
  4. If building successfully completes, install the package:

    $ cd .. ; su
    # dpkg -i mplayer_*.deb && exit

Now you can play your video into your DC10 video output:

$ mplayer -vo zr Your_Video_File.mpeg

Supported Devices

There are a lot of other cards based on Zoran's zr36067 chipset, listed on (At the time of writing, this chipset is used in the following products: Iomega Buz, Linux Media Labs LML33, Linux Media Labs LML33R10, Pinnacle/Miro DC10+, Pinnacle/Miro DC30+). The most important information there is the "Card number" for each card that should be passed to zr36067 module for correct loading, as described for DC10. Also there you can find list of modules that should be loaded for each card. But notice that since the time that list were written, zoran module were renamed into zr36067, so use new name instead of old one.

The page HowToIdentifyADevice/PCI explains how to identify a PCI device.

The following list is based on the alias fields of modinfo zr36067 in Debian 2.6.29 kernel images.

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