Stuff I do in Debian:

Infrastructure stuff like Multiarch, Bootstrapable debian, cross-support in buildds, Debian cross-toolchain team, general cross-buildability in Debian. Embedded Debian, Debian ARM and ARM64 ports.

Cave surveying Packages:

Packages I have some direct responsibility for:

GSOC mentor for several years, on areas around cross-tools, dependency analysis, and bootstrapping.

Other related stuff I do: Balloon Open Hardware, YAFFS (NAND flash filesystem), previously ARM Linux consulting at Aleph One. Member of FTF-legal taskforce as Open Hardware and Debian representative. In steering group of FFII-UK campaigning against software patents.

Have sponsored Ralph Amissah, and Neil Williams. Advocated Neil Williams, Hector Oron and Geoff Levand.

My homepage here:

You can usually find me on the #debian-uk, #emdebian and #debian-arm irc channels.