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Sarge was the code name for a former DebianStable distribution. It was released on June 6th 2005 as Debian GNU/Linux 3.1. It was superseded by Debian/Etch on Apr 8th 2007. It has been archived and no longer receives security updates.

Under construction

Security updates are not provided anymore.

Життєвий цикл Debian/Sarge

See Sarge point-releases ChangeLog.


Нові можливості

Пакунки та версії

The list of packages provided is available at



Q) apt-get gives errors.

A common question is "apt-get gives errors" when they have the security archives in their sources list but are still tracking testing. Another is where non-us went if they were tracking stable. Check out the SourcesList page to get your /etc/apt/sources.list set straight.

Q) What were the release goals for Sarge ?

see Release managers' Release Goals for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1

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