What is timeshift?

timeshift is a program used to make system back-ups/snapshots easily. if used with the Btrfs file system, snapshots can be restored instantly. It is extreamly powerfuland easy to use.


creating a snapshot & scheduling

In order to make a snapshot, simply click "Create". You can also make scheduled snapshots by going to the settings -> "Schedule" and set the amount of daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, backups, or even set to backup in boot time.

=== Keep an amount of snapshots === Additionally, you may set the amounts of how many snapshots of each kind you would like to keep. so you could have 2 daily snapshots and 1 monthly kept all the time. You can do this by going to the settings -> "Schedule",and set the values there.

Restore the System

There are multiple ways to restore the system: * Click the "Restore" button and accept. * If the system is not bootable, you could use a live system off of a USB stick (using ubuntu is recommended), install timeshift on it, and restore the main system from there.


You may get the .deb file from the github page releases and use:

sudo dpkg-i <debfile> 

You may also use:

sudo apt install timeshift