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As timeshift is [[https://https://packages.debian.org/sid/timeshift|packaged for Debian]], it can be simply installed with  As timeshift is [[https://packages.debian.org/sid/timeshift|packaged for Debian]], it can be simply installed with

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What is timeshift?

timeshift is a program used to make system back-ups/snapshots easily. if used with the Btrfs file system, snapshots can be restored instantly. It is extremely powerful and easy to use.


Creating a snapshot & scheduling

In order to make a snapshot, simply click "Create". You can also make scheduled snapshots by going to the settings -> "Schedule" and choose if you want daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, backups, or even set to backup in boot time.

Keep an amount of snapshots

Additionally, you may set the amounts of how many snapshots of each kind you would like to keep. so you could have 2 daily snapshots and 1 monthly kept all the time. You can do this by going to the settings -> "Schedule",and set the values there.

Restore the System

There are multiple ways to restore the system:

  • Click the "Restore" button and accept.
  • If the system is not bootable, you could use a live system off of a USB stick (using ubuntu is recommended), install timeshift on it, and restore the main system from there.


As timeshift is packaged for Debian, it can be simply installed with

sudo apt install timeshift