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   * [[DebPkg:gnome-terminal|Gnome terminal]] a terminal for Gnome environment .
   * [[DebPkg:konsole]] a terminal for KDE.
   * [[DebPkg:xterm]] a terminal for the X Window System
   * [[DebPkg:gnome-terminal]] a terminal for GNOME desktop environment
   * [[DebPkg:konsole]] a terminal for KDE
   * [[DebPkg:xfce4-terminal]] a terminal for Xfce
   * [[DebPkg:eterm]] a terminal for Enlightenment
   * [[DebPkg:urxvt]]

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Terminal (also called the console) has different meanings:

  • A computer terminal is just a keyboard and a screen that are connected to the computer through the network, over a modem, or directly. Your keyboard and monitor form a terminal that is directly attached to the computer.
  • More often, in Linux a terminal is a Shell, CommandLine interface or Bash (a text terminal , as opposed to a graphical (or GUI) terminal display (X Window)).

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