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Tasksel package provides a simple interface for users who want to configure their system to perform a specific task. This program is used during the installation process, but users can also use tasksel at any time.


Desktop environment

Sample use

tasksel (Start the User-interface screenshot)


tasksel --list-tasks (List the tasks available on a system.)

tasksel --task-packages web-server (List the packages that would be installed by that task)

Note that in Debian 7 'Wheezy' and beyond, tasksel provides and uses dummy packages (known as meta packages) to pull required dependencies. For example:

"standard" task

The standard task is a special task used by Debian Installer. It actually relies on the packages's priority.

What does the "standard system" task include?

tasksel --task-packages standard

which is an aptitude search string that equates to aptitude search ~pstandard ~prequired ~pimportant -F%p

"laptop" task

The laptop task is a special task use by Debian Installer, to pull the packages useful on a laptop:

tasksel --task-packages laptop

caret in apt install

Tasks can be installed via apt-get by using a caret at the end of the package. For example, the following command can be used to install the laptop task: $ apt-get install laptop^

On Debian 12; carat isn't allowed in apt:

Tasks can be installed through apt; ( e,g: laptop task)

$ apt-get install task-laptop

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