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In graphical computing, a desktop environment provides a graphical user interface solution to operate a computer. The name is derived from the desktop metaphor used by most of these interfaces.

A desktop environment provides icons, folders, toolbars, applications, applets, wallpapers, abilities like drag and drop and much more. As a whole, the particularities of design and function of a desktop environment endow it with a distinctive look and feel.

On systems running the X Window System (typically Unix-like systems, including GNU/Linux), the desktop environment is flexible. It creates the graphical display, the window manager display the windows on your desktop, and the desktop environments put the window manager and other components all together into one fully featured desktop (a set of themes, programs and libraries for managing the desktop). This may seem strange coming from a Windows, Mac OS or OS/2 background - since each provide one set of programs and no choice about what components you want.

The three predominant desktop environments for installation in Debian are Gnome, KDE and XFCE. - டெபியன் பணிச்சூழலகம்

Desktops and window managers

Some Window managers available under Debian: