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 * storing layout information can be done in debian/svn-deblayout or by setting them in subversion properties of the debian/ directory  * storing layout information can be done in subversion properties of the debian/ directory


svn-buildpackage is a tool which helps in maintainance of packages with Subversion.

Group maintainance HowTo


  • storing layout information can be done in subversion properties of the debian/ directory
  • store the following information in the layout information (via svn-bp:* properties of the debian/ directory or debian/svn-deblayout)
    • upstream tarball - layout information origUrl (thins will allow a workflow like the one described in Games/Development/BuildProcess)

    • set all the URL fields:
      • trunkUrl
      • tagsUrl (use URI for authenticated users)
      • branchesUrl
  • specify layout information by using relative paths


origUrl specification:

eddy@bounty ~/usr/src/games/trunk/wormux $ svn pl debian/ | grep svn-bp
eddy@bounty ~/usr/src/games/trunk/wormux $ svn pg svn-bp:origUrl debian/

Relative information:



Just tag, no dependency checks

svn-buildpackage --svn-tag-only -d

Obtaining the unpacked source package without building

svn-buildpackage -d --svn-export


svn-buildpackage -d --svn-builder echo

Modifing easily packages which are partially imported (sources which have the mergeWithUpstream option set)

All of the following commands use the svn-do wrapper script which is present in /usr/share/svn-buildpackage/contrib/svn-do

# clean the tree (useful if this requires the full source tree)
% svn-do debclean
I: Exporting source tree via svn-buildpackage...
I: Running command: debclean
I: Copying back the debian/ tree...
`debian/control' ->

# use quilt to refresh a patch
% QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches svn-do \
     sh -c "quilt push 002_static-linking-dont-build-perf.patch; quilt refresh"
I: Copying back the debian/ tree...
`debian/patches/002_static-linking-dont-build-perf.patch' ->

# start a source editing session and decide later not to copy back the
# debian/ tree
% svn-do $SHELL
I: Running command: /bin/zsh
% exit 1
E: command exited with 1; not copying back the debian/ tree.

# edit a patch in a CDBS' simple-patchsys based package
% svn-do cdbs-edit-patch 02_pmount.patch


svn-buildpackage is currently maintained as part of the collab-maint repository. To join the development team, check it out, join the channel #debian-svn-bp on OFTC, subscribe to PTS on [http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/svn-buildpackage.html].