2015 Video Team Sprint

As part of Cambridge Mini-conf

Location ARM Cambridge, UK

Dates Thursday 5th & Friday 6th November 2015


Reason for Sprint

DV Switch is getting long in the tooth, the existing hardware is beginning to fail (or already has), more and more people no longer user 'VGA' ports on their laptops, so what are we going to do about it?


Proposed Solutions

The problem can be split down into several chunks:


Wish List

Twinpact replacement

This does not need to be one box, it can be made up of a number of devices and adapters.

I should dearly like to get away from needing a capture PC. In an ideal world I would like to take feeds directly into the Live Edit PC (USB over CAT5, LAN, SDI etc)

Ideally we would house them all in a single enclosure AND we should add sacrificial connectors around the outside so that they can be replaced after the inevitable pin damage / were and tear.


We have access to two good cameras from IRILL, and two DV camcorders.

I should dearly like to get away from DV capture PCs. In an ideal world I would like to take feeds directly into the Live Edit PC directly from the camera (USB over CAT5, LAN, SDI etc)

Live Edit

Challenges If we want to move away from DV we will probably run into sound synchronisation problems. If any of our 'source' devices use some form of compression, this will add a latency to their output 'stream'. This latency will be different from one device to another i.e if taking a H.264 network feed and trying to mix it with a DV source then there can be several seconds difference between the two. Lip sync is important :-)

Higher resolutions mean a lot more data to move around. Most professional systems use SDI, can we get Linux drivers for SDI cards.

USB capture is possible at 720i, (higher if USB3 is used) but USB isn't suitable for long distance (<=5m). USB is also not isolated, so it is not suitable for multiple devices with their own power supplies






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The sprint has been possible thanks to: