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 * Is the eating place near the talks place / the hacklabs?  * We have the kitchen along with the dinning hall within the dorm area.
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Food served would be a traditional Bosnian cuisine.
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Food is offered on a self service basis.

Bosnian Local team

  • Linux Users Group of Bosnia and Herzegovina http://www.linux.org.ba Please name the main local team and describe their commitement (i.e. connection, work they have done before, how long...) to Free Software projects - much preferrably, to Debian itself

  • Safir Secerovic, volunteered during DebConf5 and worked withing organization team for DebConf6.

Of these people, which have been present at a previous Debconfs and who have participated as organizers and/or volunteers (the line might be quite blurry at times) of a previous Debconf?

Choice of city / town / whatever

  • Host town Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Are you suggesting a city, a town, a village, a spa in the middle of nowhere?

  • Population: around 400.000.
  • Quite a few of computer equipment resellers, including IBM, Dell and HP representatives.
    • A number of local electronic/electricity shops
    • Computer stores (A "media markt" like enduser oriented store doesn't count)
    • A couple of supermarkets in the vicinity of the dorm area.
  • Sarajevo International airport only 15 minutes away by taxi from the dorm.
    • Are there any cheap airlines flying near the chosen city?

The low fare airlines flying to Sarajevo include Malev, Lufhansa, Austrian Airlines, ?AlItalia...

  • How long does the trip from the airport to the venue take?
  • How friendly is your country towards foreigners?
    • Visas: Which/how many countries' citizens require getting a visa? How hard (bureaucratic, probable) is it to get it?
      • Are there any import regulations, which might affect DebConf? (e.g. a limit to number of notebooks / DVDs / other media you can bring in; hard regulations for money transfers; etc.)

    • Language: Majority of people understand english and can do a basic level of communication. It is relatively easy for a foreigner to find his/her way around the city. Also, a lot of foreign workers and diplomatic missions personel are based in Sarajevo and get along quite nicely.

Conference Facilities

  • Is the venue ready for handicapped people? Note: Keep in mind that it's not only motion-handicapped - Is the area safe for people with any kind of handicap? Ellaborate as much as possible. Bonus: What people is it not good for?

    • Access to all areas with ramps and/or elevators? (no, carrying somebody over some steps is not an acceptable option)

    • Are there people with experience handling handicapped people, who checked that?
  • How far away are the spaces from each other? (auditoriums, hacklabs, restaurant, rooms)
  • What kind of places are available suitable for hacklabs, workshops, ?BoFs and talks?

    • How many people fit in each of them?
    • How flexible can that be handled?
      • Can smaller auditoriums be merged into a bigger one?
      • Are tables/chairs fixed, or can we arrange them to fit more people/give more room to the people that we need?
  • What kind of audio equipment is allready present at the auditoriums?
    • Wireless or stationary mics?
    • clip-on kind of mics or cary in your hand mics?
    • How many of them?
  • Will the hacklabs be allowed to stay open 24x7? What time schedule do they offer?
  • What kind of security will be there?
  • How much does it cost to rent these facilities?
  • Are there any limitations regarding the consumptions of food / alcohol?
    • How far is it to the nearest convenience stores / all-night restaurants?


  • We have the kitchen along with the dinning hall within the dorm area.
  • What kind of food would be served?

Food served would be a traditional Bosnian cuisine.

  • In what fashion? (service to the table, limited buffet, open buffet, etc.)

Food is offered on a self service basis.

  • Would food for vegetarians / vegan / lactose-alergic / religious (of any denomination) people be available?
    • How much meals to we need to order to get those kind of "special" meals?
    • Will it cost extra to get those special meals?
    • In a two week period, how many more or less equal meals can we expect?
  • How much does eating cost per person per day ?

Network connectivity

  • How much does it cost and how difficult is it to get a big internet connection? (10/20 Mbits at least)

  • How much work does it imply to cover the area with wireless links?
    • Is the area already wired with regular network infrastructure? (much preferrably: 100Mbps or 1Gbps switched)
  • If we use someone else's infrastructure, how easy / flexible can that be handled, regarding routing / firewall / ip-range / public access / other stuff?
    • Do we have restrictions on allowed ports?
    • Are we traffic-shaped? Or can we set a traffic shaper if we need so?
  • Would it be possible to set up the network before Debcamp? (at least a week, earlier would be nicer)

Special rooms

Both for server and video rooms:

  • General conditions for the rooms
    • Size
    • Have they/do they need air conditioning?
    • What electrical load can they handle?


  • Is the place where people are going to sleep near the conference facilities?
  • Is it able to handle a varying number from 200 to 400 of people?
  • Will it be possible for couples to stay together?
  • Is it able to handle non-native (English) speaking people?
  • How many room keys would be available?
  • How much does it cost per person per night?
  • Are there other hotels around?
  • Will there be a need of a "Debconf" info-desk, or would the local people be able to handle that themselves? Info desk implies: handling bags (200-400), nametags (printing and giving them out), giving general information (Daytrip, Formal Dinner, etc), handling food-tickets, handle room-allocation, maybe handle the keys. See ?DebConfInfoDesk

Fun and Free time

  • What activities can be done during the free time?
  • What would be a possible Day Trip?
    • Is the proposed location ready to receive people with disabilities?
  • How expensive would that be?

Local Sponsors

  • Do you have a list of prospective sponsors that might be interested in the conference? Money, hardware, connectivity, etc.

See also

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