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xl2tpd реализует протокол Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, определенный RFC 2661.


Xelerance Corporation currently maintains a version of the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) daemon.

Our version contains many patches that have not yet been integrated into the mainstream release. These patches are needed to run on modern distributions with DEVFS, or to support L2TP over IPsec, when used in conjunction with Openswan.

We also offer 3rd level support for this L2TP implementation. If you are a vendor including Openswan in your products, or a company who depends on Openswan for critical systems, and need L2TP support as well, please see our support page.

Our implementation is now hosted and maintained at Github. Please click here to access the project Github page.


Настройка xl2tpd в роли клиента для входа в VPN сеть.


Настройка xl2tpd в роли сервера для создания VPN сети.


Страница руководства xl2tpd(8)

Страница руководства - xl2tpd.conf(5)