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NTFS (Windows NT FileSystem) - the latest in a long line of minor, proprietary, non-portable, file system formats promulgated by a commercial software vendor based in the Pacific North West, USA. Closed technology.

NTFS Drivers

Драйверы NTFS доступные в Debian:


Usage Examples


ntfs (man page):

ntfs-3g (man page):

ntfsmount (man page):


ntfs and ntfs-3g

The original tool used to mount ntfs partitions was /sbin/mount.ntfs. However, in Debian Squeeze this is symlink-ed to /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g, which is in turn symlink-ed to /usr/bin/ntfs-3g. So an entry in /etc/fstab that mounts an NTFS partition can specify either ntfs or ntfs-3g as its filesystem type, and both of these specifications will use the new NTFS filesystem driver ntfs-3g to mount the partition. ntfs-3g might be the preferred choice as it provides both read and write access to NTFS partitions.

Permissions for mounted partition(s)

For filesystem access by other users and groups on the system, refer to the mount(8) and fstab(5) man pages; note the umask, dmask, fmask, uid and gid options.

ntfs (man page):

ntfs-3g (man page):

ntfsmount (man page, see also Debian bug 508982):