The Remote line printer spooling system provides the facility to print to remote network printers, without the need to run a local printer server ?daemon.

Remote line printer spooling system

aptitude update
aptitude install rlpr

Printing a text file to a named printer

To print a text document to the printer named myprt on a remote host pegasus, use:

rlpr -Pmyprt -Hpegasus foobar.txt

Remote line printer proxy daemon

The remote line printer spooling system allows printing to remote network printers without the need for a local printer spooler daemon. The rlprd daemon acts as a proxy between the remote printing commands, rlpr, rlpq, and rlprm and traditional lpd print servers in situations where the remote printing commands cannot be installed setuid root.

The rlprd daemon works by mapping non-privileged port requests from rlpr clients to privileged ports so that the lpd processes will listen to them.

The rlprd daemon needs to installed ?setuid root

The rlprd daemon needs to installed ?setuid root, otherwise it is useless.


Eliminating the "security" gained by having privileged ports is a non-issue, since the Internet is no longer just Unix, and Unix is the only operating system that has the privileged port concept.

Remote line printer job removal tool

The rlprm command provides a remote line printer job removal tool can be used to remove jobs from a remote line printer spooling queue and can be used anywhere a traditional lprm tool might be used.