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FIXME : this is page is incomplete and have no structure. Though it is no worst than the void of newby documentation.

#debian dpkg bot : "it has been said that reportbug is use used to submit bugs to the Debian bug system. really simple to use, apt-get install reportbug, then run reportbug and answer the questions. It will file automagically if you're on-line. note: always check the list that reportbug gives you to see if the bug is already known"

$ reportbug package

The commands shows already reported bugs by around 20 . Type Enter to reach next page.

From there there are two ways ( ) .

- Way 1, read the reports, if one match , write its number and click enter. Exit a report with "q", add your own data to it with "x".

- Way 2, search throuhg the bugs by typing "f" then a word and Enter. It is recommanded for packages such as mozilla-browser that can have 500 bug reported against it.

After the last one you will be asked if you want to report a new bug.

NB: If you don't know the vim text editor please choose one you know with "update-alternatices --config editor. You need to write your report with an editor :) In case you only know say gedit. Use :

links which could help improve this page :

  • the reportbug project page


  • Reporting Bugs in Debian . Best Debian Bug report introduction i ever saw.


  • debian BTS interface :


  • How to report a bug in Debian : mostly tell how to do things without reportbug.

http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting Also available in : /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt

  • wiki page about the previous bug reporting command :


  • ?SysAdminDocs : ["DebianXWindowsHowTo"]


  • How to report bugs on Debian


  • debian installer logs are in /var/log/debian-installer
  • How to Report Bugs Effectively : generic recommandations for bug reporter


  • an example of the "formal letter" send to some of our Xfree users


  • Debian FAQ : 11.5 How do I report a bug in Debian?


  • Re: bug reporting in noncommercial software : provide a light though complete description of reportbug capabilities and the BTS process.

http://lwn.net/2001/1115/letters.php3 , cf Re: bug reporting in noncommercial software