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   * [[https://salsa.debian.org/jelmer/lintian-brush|lintian-brush]] (package auto-fixing tool]]
   * [[https://janitor.debian.net/|Debian Janitor]]'s [[https://janitor.debian.net/lintian-fixes/|lintian-fixes]] (package VCS auto-fixing service)
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 * Library API/ABI tracking  * Library API/ABI tracking (using [[https://github.com/lvc/pkg-abidiff|pkg-abidiff]] or DebianMan:abipkgdiff from DebianPkg:abigail-tools)

Wiki Page of the Debian QA Group

This is the main wiki page of the Debian Quality Assurance (QA) Team.

Missing services

Some QA related services that Debian lacks:

QA events

Other distributions