PTS SOAP Interface

The Package Tracking System (PTS) gathers information about (source) packages and meld them together in web pages targeted at package maintainers. Those pages are meant for consumption by humans.

On the other hand, there is often the need to access the very same information programmatically, from software and utilities. To aid in that respect, the PTS offers a SOAP interface to the content exported in its pages.

BIG FAT WARNING: the SOAP API is still work in progress, and methods are being added continuously until all information available on the web pages are available also via SOAP. Please hold your breath.

URL and Namespace is the current URL for the development alpha version of the PTS SOAP API.

As you have guessed, the API is still subject to changes, please test it and send comments to zack. If instead of comments you have bug reports (misbehaving methods, wishlist for missing methods, ...) please use the usual bug submission rules for the PTS.

Eventually, the URL for the stable PTS SOAP API will be


The API is implemented by a handful of files in the PTS codebase. In particular soap-alpha.cgi is the external layer, each of its method is a method of the SOAP API.

API Documentation

The documentation of the SOAP API can be generated by running epydoc on soap-alpha.cgi:

epydoc soap-alpha.cgi

then have a look into the html/ dir.

A version of the HTML doc updated from time to time is available on the web at


If you want to test from the command line, you can use the script shipped with the PTS. The script is self-contained, and does not depend on other parts of the PTS. Here is a proof of concept:

zack@usha:/home/srv/debian/pts/www$ bin/ latest_version source=ocaml
3.10.2-3 --help will tell you more.

The DebbugsSoapInterface page contains SOAP client snippets in various languages, they can be easily adapted for the PTS SOAP interface, by using the URL above, and no namespace.