The PTS has a ?Linked Data / RDF interface.

See for the "RDF homepage" of the PTS.

The PTS produces RDF descriptions (as Turtle and RDF/XML) of Debian source packages (based on the same reference version as the PTS, i.e. usually the "latest" version in unstable).

Every package has a "stable" reference RDF document available (through content-negociation) at the "same" place as the human-readable variant, at

In practive, the HTML variant is generated (statically) by the PTS at and the RDF variant at[ttl|rdf] (the PREFIX being computed depending on the source package name first letters.

Content-negociation for RDF/XML is classically done with the 'text/turtle' 'application/rdf+xml' content type requested (in the HTTP 'Accept' header.

To view the Turtle document, issue :  $ curl -L -H 'Accept: text/turtle'

For other format, use 'rapper', for instance (from package 'raptor2-utils') :  $ rapper -o nquads

The RDF data uses the ADMS.SW 1.0 ontology, which includes DOAP properties and relations.

The structure of the RDF model is the following :

See the following resources for more details and a pointer to a (clickable) diagram illustrating this :

A full dump archive of all the meta-data is available (to Debian members) on

This is all work in progress...