Package Tracking System (PTS)

/!\ Note that the Package Tracking System is deprecated in favor of distro-tracker which is running on:


The Package Tracking System lets you follow almost everything related to the life of a package. It's of interest for co-maintainers, advanced users, QA members, ...

The PTS is actually a website :

You can access information known by the PTS also via a (work in progress) SOAP interface, or the Linked Data interface.

Contributing to the Package Tracking System

How to get the sources ?

$ svn co svn://

(you can use svn+ssh://<yourdebianlogin> if you're a Debian developer in the "qa" group and you'll have write access to it)

You can also browse the sources at :

Quick introduction

Raphael Hertzog gave a short overview of the PTS intended for developers. Please check the slides. Some of the information is outdated (for example VERP has been implemented together with a bounce handler) but the basic structure of the software is unchanged.

Actual TODO list

Fix bugs and implement wishlist from the BTS (those with the "pts" usertag of course : see also: )

Provide RSS feeds for each source package

All the news should be available as an RSS feed. But the RSS feed should be richer: it should integrate more stuff like the upload of a new Ubuntu version with the corresponding Debian patch and also entries for the problems displayed. The difficulty is to have a good date for the various entries that are not tied to an email.

Subscribe to set of packages

The members of the Gnome team would like to subscribe with a single command to all Gnome-related packages. The idea is to add a new "group subscription" feature. The GNOME team maintain the list of packages and anyone can then "groupsubscribe gnome-desktop" and be automatically subscribed to all relevant packages.

This feature could then be used by little "bugsquad team" to quickly move from one package to another.

Possibility to reset keywords to the default state

Right now, once you set some specific keywords on a given source package, you will always have a customized list keyword for this source package. And in some cases, you don't want anymore. A "keywordreset" command would be welcome.

Also te keyword DB is cluttered with wrong email/source package. It should be periodically cleaned of subscriptions which don't exist anymore.

Summary mails sent

Since the beginning, the mail part has support of a "summary" keyword. It was meant to be used to send regular (monthly or quaterly) summary mails repeating the most important information of the webpage and giving statistics about the evolution of the package (number of bugs opened since last summary mail, same for closed, number of uploads, top CVS/SVN committers, top uploaders, ...).

This mail should give some pride to the maintainers who are doing a great work and maybe even create a bit of competition between co-maintainers. :-)

Improve news handling

Each maintainer has the possibility to send (static and usual) news to the PTS. However he can't remove news which are outdated. Because of this, the maintainer is not using this very important feature. This needs to change!

Integrate debtags information

Debtags is maturing quickly, it's time to push the maintainers to add tags to their own packages if they don't have any... you need to coordinate with Enrico Zini to get the information available in a usable form and then make use of it to add a new TODO item in the PTS page.

Show sponsored uploads

When receiving mails from katie extract the OpenPGP signature and show the name of the uploader/sponsor along with Changed-By field.

PTS rewrite

The PTS is being rewritten in order to make it a dynamic Web application. See