Debian QA Efforts

List of efforts

Recording your effort

Ready to record your effort? already read the whole FAQ? great you are ready then.

Next step is to fill in the template, send it to the <> mailing list, and save it. That's it!


What's a "Debian QA Effort"?

They are just a formal way to record any work that could be regarded as QA-related.

Some examples are:

Why formalise?

In the past there have been some efforts to record such efforts (see for example, but there was no clear definition as to who could record anything there and what kind of activities could be recorded.

By formalising the work done by contributors it should be possible to follow up those activities and announce and advertise them to the rest of the community.

Who can start an effort?

Anyone who is willing to work on it, you don't need any special privilege.

What if I'm not sure if my work qualifies?

If you are reading this page, it is most likely it does, but you can always fill-in the template and send it to the mailing list and wait for feedback.

Regarding follow ups...

Hey, that's not a question!

The plan is to contact people coordinating the efforts to request an update at least every two months (although this is yet to be decided). In the event that the person responsible for the effort does not reply the status of the effort will be changed and announced so that others can resume it.

How will efforts be advertised?

First of all, all of them will be visible on this page.

Second, new efforts and follow ups will be added to DeveloperNews so that the general community is aware of them.

How to send updates?

Updates on the efforts should be made public by sending them to the mailing list and updating the page on the wiki.

We could try to check with somebody more experienced with moinmoin and see if it is possible to subscribe the qa mailing list to the efforts pages so that by simply updating the wiki page everyone is aware of the changes.

I have an idea...

That's not a question either. Ideas are always welcomed, send them to the mailing list :).

What is the point of sending a copy of the effort template to the mailing list?

By sending information about your effort to the mailing list you allow others to be aware of it and provide feedback.

What if I don't know how to fill the template?

The template should contain enough comments as to how it should be filled, but in case you still don't know, feel free to send an email to the mailing list.

Should I subscribe to the mailing list?

Yes :)

Should I say something about an effort?

Yes, always. Well, not exactly always (to avoid flooding the list), but if you have not seen any response to an effort email please do send one.

Even a "good idea", or "sounds great" email is welcomed. Some people tend to only reply when they have concerns or do not agree; it's now more than time to change that and welcome and encourage contributors.

Should I be afraid?

Afraid of what? no, go ahead.

What if this whole thing looks like abandoned?

Ugh, the plan is that this should not happen. But since this is itself a QA effort the normal procedures described above should apply.

Of course, since in this case the people who should be trying to get follow ups from coordinators are themselves inactive, please do it: ask on the mailing list, no reply? prod the people themselves, no luck? take over and rule the world!

What's the address of the mailing list?

Erm, <> :)