the Gift bug tag

What's the Gift tag? How to use it?

The gift tag indicates bugs that are suitable for new contributors to Debian, willing to make a gift to Debian maintainers, or to Debian in general.

Here is the list of bugs tagged '''gift'''.

If you want to work on a bug tagged 'gift'

If you don't understand any of these instructions, feel free to e-mail

If you wish to tag a bug

When tagging a bug with the gift tag:

To set this tag:

From: [...]

usertag bugnumber + gift

Write here some comments about what you expect from the patch, some initial directions, etc.

$ bts user . usertag 123456 + gift

# or simply (starting from devscripts 2.10.36)
$ bts tags 123456 + gift

The PTS shows gifted bugs belonging to a given source package in the bugs box, on a dedicated line. You can invite potential contributors to skim through PTS pages of packages they are interested in, to find out whether there are gifts for them.


TODO list

Write a script to generate a better list of bugs.