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 1. Run database migrations - in progress (https://github.com/pupilfirst/pupilfirst/issues/797)  1. Run database migrations - done (https://github.com/pupilfirst/pupilfirst/issues/797)
 1. Start rails app - in progress

Pupilfirst (https://www.pupilfirst.com/) is a Free Software Learning Management system written in Ruby on Rails. Currently they only support delpying to heroku. This page will be used to keep track of packaging pupilfirst for Debian.

Work in progress Repo: https://salsa.debian.org/ruby-team/pupilfirst

Packaging status : https://debian.fosscommunity.in/status/pupilfirst-8ad21ec3642415c0bbc40a432ed8abfddcf76471/

Reference: Teams/Ruby/Packaging/RailsApps

Current status

  1. Basic package template - done
  2. Install rubygems dependencies (pull unpackaged gems from rubygems.org) - done
  3. Configure database - in progress (need to provide a working config/database.yml)
  4. Run database migrations - done (https://github.com/pupilfirst/pupilfirst/issues/797)

  5. Start rails app - in progress
  6. Install node dependencies - not started
  7. Precompile assets - not started
  8. Configure puma - not started
  9. Configure nginx - not started
  10. Configure systemd units - not started