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Here are some commands that install the non-free MS Office fonts, which came with Office 2007 and Windows 7. Notably, this collection includes Calibri and Cambria, default fonts used in many MS Office documents.

Download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer executable:


Verify that it is the correct file:

sha256sum PowerPointViewer.exe

If the checksum doesn't match 249473568eba7a1e4f95498acba594e0f42e6581add4dead70c1dfb908a09423, then it's not the right file.  You can also save PowerPointViewer.exe.sha256 in the same directory and verify the checksum automatically with:

sha256sum -c PowerPointViewer.exe.sha256

which should return PowerPointViewer.exe: OK.

You need a tool to extract the files from the executable. It may be possible to use unrar, but cabextract is a better match for this use-case.

sudo apt install cabextract

Extract the part of the installer that has the fonts:

cabextract PowerPointViewer.exe -F contains the font files. Extract the fonts into your user's font directory:

mkdir -p ~/.fonts/ppviewer/
cabextract -F '*.TTC' -d ~/.fonts/ppviewer/
cabextract -F '*.TTF' -d ~/.fonts/ppviewer/

After this step, you may delete PowerPointViewer.exe and

If your font-using application is already open, it'll probably need to be restarted before it can use the newly-installed fonts.