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How to translate a dia sketch using po4a

This is a Howto by example to describe using po4a with ?dia sketch.

i18n/l10n of a dia sketch
1. Source file: network-arch3.dia (special XML vector graphic)

2. Init translation/Create pot file by means of po4a:

 $ po4a-gettextize -f dia -m network-arch3.dia -p network-arch3.pot

3. Edit pot file: I removed strings that should not be translated.
                  I reordered strings as they are seen in the sketch.

---------------------- :: Repeate and Fade :: -------------------------
4. Create a po file for each locale (e.g. German=de):

 $  msginit --locale=de --input=network-arch3.pot 
   --> creates de.po
5. Edit/Translate the po file.

6. Translate the source file as follows (-k 10 to make it work with few translations):

 $  po4a-translate -k 10 -f dia -m  network-arch3.dia -p de.po -l network-arch3-de.dia

7. Export from dia to more common file formats:

  $ dia-normal -n -t svg network-arch3-de.dia
   --> creates svg vector file

  $ convert network-arch3-de.svg -resize 50% network-arch3-de.png
   --> creates a bitmap image of apt size, here.
----------------------------- :: Coda :: ----------------------------------
Don't forget to convert your source file like (7):

  $ dia-normal -n -t svg network-arch3.dia
  $ convert network-arch3.svg -resize 50% network-arch3.png 

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