Pkg-SciComp is an Alioth project aiming at rendering Debian increasingly attractive to users in the field of scientific computing.

Note that this group is now closed and replaced by Debian Science

Move repository from pkg-scicomp to Debian Science

When you want to move a repository from pkg-scicomp to Debian Science , you can easily move when you use the following methods.

$ ssh
$ svnadmin dump /srv/ | svndumpfilter include YOUR-SCICOMP-PACKAGE > dump
$ svnadmin load /srv/ --parent-dir packages < dump 

Source code access

Please follow instructions on on how to access the code associated with Debian packaging.

Contribution of packages

To join pkg-scicomp, you need an account on Alioth first and then need to request your addition to the group. Hereto follow the advice on Pkg-SciComp's Alioth Project Page.

Technical note on using subversion

There are currently no particular policies on how to employ subversion for your packages. It is however considered strongly desireable by many to use the "merge" functionality of svn-buildpackage. A quick summary can be found on the DebianMed sister pages under the subheader "Whenever preparing new packages, please:".

As a quick summary, your series of command will be similar to the following:

aliothID="smoe-guest" # adapt to what your ID is
svn-inject -v -o package.dsc $svnrepos

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