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 * [[DebianOnN900|Debian on N900]]

N900 packaging team

We want to make Debian run better on the Nokia N900 (aka RX-51).




getting started

  • add deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/ fremantle free non-free to sources.list

  • apt-get install bootmenu-n900 debootstrap parted

  • install kernel from http://pkg-n900.alioth.debian.org/kernel/ (it's missing most hardware drivers currently, but display, keyboard and touchscreen are working)

    • I had better luck with git://gitorious.org/linux-n900/linux-n900.git
  • install userland with debootstrap or multistrap
  • make it boot


  • find a better way to set wlan hwaddr
  • test armhf architecture (which should make better use of the hardware) DONE, must be done via multistrap

  • try out the ofono phone stack

  • There is a prototypical battery charger script ( not required for kernels that charge the battery automatically)

  • iwconfig wlan0 power on makes a 200mA difference in power consumption