Debian maemo packaging team

Packages not yet in Debian

From maemo project

plankton theme

Relicensed upstream to CC-BY- SA-3.0

Application installer

needs cleanup

maemo browser

no longer upto date, it seems current browser UI is going closed-source..


simple text editor

maemo blocks

game similar to tetris

osso mahjong

mahjong game

osso marbles

marbles game

osso chess

gnuchess UI for hildon


simple pdf viewer


rss reader application

From moblin/UME

UME theme and configuration

support marquee based UI on 1024x displays

moblin browser

compare to the maemo one and choose

moblin multimedia

Alternatively pickup one of the many free maemo ones (kagu, kilikali, UKMP, canola)

moblin applets

for configuring the system

moblin chat

based on empathy

From 3rd parties

Fbreader hildon

FBreader already in debian, build hildon version too

Maemo mappers

needs packaging cleanup

For 770/n800/n810


Finish utility scripts needed to boot on nxxx

maemo xorg-server

get omap xserver glued to current debian xserver packages