Communication with upstream sources

Much in contrast with the general philosophy of Debian packaging, pkg-escience for now strives to use the reasonably latest upstream cvs source. The ?MyGrid wiki features an Instruction to build Taverna with Maven.

Preparation of .orig.tar.gz

If a stable release of the upstream work is used, the orig.tar.gz is exactly that. Otherwise, such a file should be created dynamically from upstream's CVS or SVN repository. The following script performs this task for taverna:

# Script to update upstream CVS source,
# which is supposed to be existing
# locally in cvs_source/taverna1.0,
# and to prepare the .orig.tar.gz from it.


        cd $CVSSOURCEDIR \
        && ( cd $TAVERNADIR && cvs update . ) \
        && tar czvf $TARFILENAME --exclude=CVS $TAVERNADIR
) && mv cvs_source/$TARFILENAME .

Checkout of latest alioth svn changes

 svn co svn+ssh://

Use of svn-buildpackage

One changes the current working directory into the directory of the {{{svn-buildpackage --svn-dont-purge --svn-dont-clean \ --svn-reuse -rfakeroot}}} Please consider to add -kkeyid should buildpackage habe problems to find the right gpg key.

How to upload the packaging of a new package to svn

New packages are first submitted to the alioth svn

with svnrepos=svn+ssh://

And on

Maintenance of home page

The emphasis of the web pages describing should be on these wiki pages. If you feel inclined to update the project home page, then please do so by loggin in via

$ ssh
$ [ -x pkg-escience ] || \
ln -s  \
  /org/ .
$ cd pkg-science/htdocs

That directory contains the index.html which can be edited ad libido and the subfolder debian that harbors the:

apt repository

As a start, only a repository for Debian all is planned. Help to set this up properly across architectures is welcome. To upload new packages first create a new subfolder for the package

$ ssh \
  "mkdir pkg-escience/htdocs/debian/packagename"

then scp the files to the destination

$ scp taverna_1.3.orig.tar.gz taverna_1.3-1.cvs20060423* \

and finally update the index files.

$ cat
apt-ftparchive sources . | tee Sources | gzip -c > Sources.gz
apt-ftparchive packages . | tee Packages | gzip -c > Packages.gz
$ ./