piuparts.debian.org: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I think I've spotted a problem, what should I do now?

A) Best to check this FAQ first, to see if you really found something new :-) Then, take a look at the BTS and maybe at the TODO file.

Also, please don't hesitate to file bugs. We like bugs.

Q. piuparts logs are long and cluttered with debug output - how do you read them?

A) Usually it's best to read them bottom up, as errors happen at the end.

Q. Whom should I contact if I think I found a false positive or some other bug?

A) the BTS or piuparts-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org - don't forget to mention the suite name as well as the binary package name(s) and please read the complete FAQ before doing so.

Also, please don't hesitate to file bugs. We like bugs.

Q. What does state ''dependency-failed-testing'' mean?

A) This means that at least one of the package dependencies failed its own piuparts testing. As a consequence, a package in the dependency-failed-testing state is not tested.

Q. What does state ''cannot-be-tested'' mean?

A) This means that the package couldn't be tested when it was tried the last time. Check the linked log to find out the exact reason :-)

Usually this issue is temporary and this is because some depends haven't been build on amd64 (the (only) arch which is checked) yet. After seven days these packages are automatically rescheduled for testing, about this the piuparts.d.o maintainers are informed via mail, so if this happens regularly for a package they should notice.

Q. What does state ''dependency-cannot-be-tested'' mean?

A) Read the previous question and apply logic ;-)

Q. A package I'm interested in is in an untestable state. How can I find out if it would pass the piuparts test?

A) Run piuparts manually, as described in that README.

My non-amd64 binary package is missing, do you plan to test other architectures?

A) Yes. (Look at the file TODO in GIT.) Please consider helping with this task, it just requires some hours time and some python skills.

Q. You are only testing main. Do you plan to test contrib and non-free?

A) Probably, when main is reasonably free of issues. But you can test your favorite package today, using piuparts yourself. It's easy.

Q. How can I help?

A) by filing lots of bugs ;-) Please use piuparts usertags, to be written/copied templates for the bugreports and please get in touch with debian-qa@lists.debian.org too. Mid-term plan is to write tools to ease mass bug-reporting.

Q. How can I help some more?

A) By getting involved in running piuparts.debian.org - please contact us if you want to help.

Q. I'd like to fix a bug in piuparts - where is the code?

A) See the piuparts wiki page for detailed information on how to help developing piuparts.

Q. There is something in a piuparts logfile on piuparts.debian.org that I don't understand, where can I get an answer?

A) You have two options: 1. Send an email to piuparts-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org or file a bug, we want piuparts logfiles to be easily understandable. 2. add a question here, the diff is being watched and your question shall be answered.

Also, please don't hesitate to file bugs. We like bugs.

Q. Can I somehow tell piuparts to retest my package?

A) Packages that have failed testing are retried regularly (usually within 48 hours, depending on the current load of the workers). New versions of packages are also prioritized. If you need a test rescheduled faster, please ping the piuparts maintainers on IRC at #debian-qa or on the piuparts-devel mailing list.