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OBS Studio is free and popular open source video capturing and mixing software.

It can record from multiple sources simultaneously and overlay or combine them into a single output to a streaming platform.

The project is being actively developed and benefits of the expertise of the community but also from the video broadcasting industry.

OBS Studio 26.1 from Debian Bullseye


Note: This is not an exhaustive list of everything OBS is capable of, but I'll try to touch on the major features.


OBS Studio is available in the main Debian repos and can be installed with:

# apt install obs-studio


Q. OBS Studio consumes a lot of my CPU while I'm streaming or recording, how can I reduce the load ?

A) Every recent Intel, AMD processor and AMD graphics card has a hardware video encoder that can take the load off the CPU. To activate it, go to Setting -> Output menu, select Advanced in Output Mode, choose FFMPEG VAAPI in Encoder. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you must choose NVENC H.264, this is only possible with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers and libavcodec58 7:4.4.1-2 or newer.

Q. The quality of my recording is horrible, how can I improve it?
A) If your compositor is set to 1080p you should set the bitrate to 8 Mbps, at 720p 4 Mbps. Otherwise, opt in for CQP recording with a value of 22.
Q. The quality of my stream is horrible too, how can I improve it?

A) You must follow the recommendations of the platform you are streaming to. Here are the most popular pages: Youtube, Facebook, Twitch.