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 * ''[[PackageManagement]]''
 * ''[[Software]]''
 * ''[[CommandLineInterface]]''
 * ''[[SystemAdministration]]''
 * ''[[PackageManagement]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[Software]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[CommandLineInterface]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[SystemAdministration]]'' (portal)
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 * ''[[Packaging]]''
 * ''[[Audio]]''
 * ''[[Packaging]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[Sound]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[Firefox]]''
 * ''[[Printing]]'' (portal)
 * ''[[SecurityManagement]] (portal)

Wiki consolidation/cleanup/maintenance

External sources

Work in progress

Obsolete pages:

Redundant pages:

  1. AlsaMidi
  2. AptMove
  3. BTS/BugTag
  4. BTS/HowTo
  5. Backup
  6. BackupAndRecoveryWork
  7. Bash
  8. BourneShell
  9. BrowserApps
  10. BugReport
  11. BugReport/WorkingOn
  12. BugTriage
  13. CategoryRedundant
  14. CommandLine
  15. CommandsCLI
  16. DebianFirewall
  17. DebianSoftware
  18. DebianWiki/Administration
  19. DefaultWebBrowser
  20. EduCheesetracker
  21. EduSoundtracker
  22. Firefox
  23. Firewalls
  24. HowToPackageForDebian
  25. HowtoUseBTS
  26. Icedove
  27. JabberClients
  28. LCD
  29. Linux volume management
  30. Manual-Howto
  31. MidiHardware
  32. Mozilla
  33. MultimediaCodecs
  34. NetworkApplication
  35. NetworkFAQ
  36. Part-UUID
  37. Peer2Peer
  38. QuickInstall
  39. RemoteFiles
  40. ShellCommands
  41. ShellConfiguration
  42. ShellTricks
  43. SymLink
  44. Tar
  45. TheUnixWay
  46. UserInterface
  48. WikiTag
  49. WindowsEquivalent
  50. XCP
  51. Zg2ShellStartup
  52. ar/CommandLineInterface
  53. bn/CommandLineInterface
  54. ccts
  55. coreutils
  56. de/Manual-Howto
  57. deb
  58. es/CommandLineInterface
  59. es/TheUnixWay
  60. fr/Bash
  61. fr/HowtoUseBTS
  62. fr/ShellTricks
  63. fr/TheUnixWay
  64. ftp.debian.org
  65. id/CommandLineInterface
  66. it/BTS/HowTo
  67. it/Bash
  68. it/CommandLine
  69. it/CommandsCLI
  70. it/DebianFirewall
  71. it/DebianSoftware
  72. it/Firefox
  73. it/Firewalls
  74. it/HowToPackageForDebian
  75. it/Manual-Howto
  76. it/MultimediaCodecs
  77. it/NetworkApplication
  78. it/Part-UUID
  79. it/Peer2Peer
  80. it/QuickInstall
  81. it/RemoteFiles
  82. it/ShellCommands
  83. it/ShellConfiguration
  84. it/ShellScript
  85. it/ShellTricks
  86. it/SymLink
  87. it/TheUnixWay
  88. it/UserInterface
  89. it/WindowsEquivalent
  90. it/coreutils
  91. it/rootfs
  92. ko/CommandLineInterface
  93. ms/CommandLineInterface
  94. nodiscc
  95. pamusb
  96. partclone
  97. pt_BR/BTS/BugTag
  98. pt_BR/BTS/HowTo
  99. pt_BR/Bash
  100. pt_BR/BugReport
  101. pt_BR/DebianInstaller/SataRaid
  102. pt_BR/HowToPackageForDebian
  103. pt_BR/ShellCommands
  104. pt_BR/WikiTag
  105. pt_BR/deb
  106. rootfs
  107. ru/CommandLineInterface
  108. sv/CommandLineInterface
  109. uk/RemoteFiles
  110. uk/WikiTag
  111. vi/commandlineinterface
  112. zh_CN/CommandLineInterface
  113. zh_CN/Manual-Howto

Command line interface:


Hi nodiscc,

It looks like you have some good plans against the wiki mess, I haven't followed the details but I can only agree with the cleaning work, orphaned pages, not categorized ones, duplicate ones and what else. If you want we can discuss this somewhere, it might help if we're several agreeing on what needs to be done.

See you!


Hi ccts, for many years I found it was hard to search for information on the debian wiki, pages are not discoverable, many pages were drafts, there was duplicate/contradictory information... so recently I started following some broad guidelines:

  • Make the wiki more readable, navigable, accessible, refresh some older content
  • Deduplicate/merge content across pages on topics I understand, or use links.
  • Merge pages that have almost no content with their "parent" page, in general avoid creating extra pages when the content could fit in an existing page. No one will maintain them.
  • Standardize portals, use them as landing pages that any user from any knowledge level can understand and find information from.
  • Add categories to all pages, Redirect CategoryCategory pages to their respective portal, add fullsearch macros for the Category on the portal page

  • Standardize page names/formatting, spacing, link syntax, link cleanup... (?EditorGuide)

  • I have amassed a good amount of Debian docs on a personal wiki, wanted to merge some of it here, but couldn't cleanly do it without some refactoring (still ongoing)
  • Everything linked from FrontPage should be high quality content

  • There is some good general advice at https://wiki.c2.com/?GoodStyle https://wiki.c2.com/?RefactoringWikiPages

  • Delegate explanation/description of general concepts to Wikipedia (copy intro, link to WP page)

:) I gave fullsearch a try to (see Game page for an illustration), so we're on the same line.

  • You may use the Cached version when you think you're done with the category. I admit I don't remember when the cache gets regenerated unless you explicitly click to do it.
  • You may add the lang:en search parameter, which means translators also have to replace it with the right one. That also means categories which are named after a language shouldn't exist (only some french ones existing IIRC).

Using fullsearch has a few drawbacks, some Debian wiki pages mostly contain list of software, with comments... (lists with DebPkg shortcut) so if you switch to a FullSearch list, you won't be able to put comments on each line. Some people used them to "recommend" some packages over others but I don't think this should be the main purpose of a wiki. Also, making lists is the purpose of categories, so logically, pages shouldn't need the fullsearch macro to do that, and people would navigate using the categories. Right now there are a few redirections (url rewrite in wiki admin?), I believe they could be removed if we want to give back their purpose to categories.

Right now I have no big idea, maybe I'll do nothing but if I attempt to join your efforts :) I may have an eye on the orphaned pages, as there should be none IMO. I also feel some pages content turned quite old or irelevant so we don't have to hesitate too much to delete their content. That's what I think you have been doing so it's probably no big news.

I'm unsure these wiki issues have been discussed within Debian lately, I'm not part of any team, this should also clarify my words are in no way something official :)

See you!

  • You may use the Cached version when you think you're done with the category
  • add the lang:en search parameter

Good, I will do that.

  • some Debian wiki pages mostly contain list of software, with comments... (lists with DebPkg shortcut) so if you switch to a FullSearch list, you won't be able to put comments on each line.

I will probably not switch those pages, I mainly user FullSearch on portals:

  • Each page is attached to one or more categories
  • Each Category page redirects to the corresponding portal
  • The portal has plain paragraphs that introduce common topics; these paragraphs, in turn link the detailed pages about the subject.
  • At the bottom of the portal there is a FullSearch for the corresponding category - this ensures less frequent topics are also visible and discoverable from the portal - and can be later merged, or improved. Or a proper paragraph/link can be added to introduce them.

We could use Category pages for this, but far less people will visit them, and it takes more maintenance. FullSearch on the corresponding portal is much more visible, and it "forces" us to keep the page list clean/short - something lang:en and the current cleanup will help solving. See for example CommandLineInterface where it makes content duplication/too many pages symptom very evident.

When all pages from a category are cleanly linked from the corresponding portal page, FullSearch is indeed not needed. But this is almost never the case.

  • we don't have to hesitate too much to delete their content

I read each candidate for deletion completely to make sure no interesting content would be lost, and move it to other pages if needed.

  • I'm unsure these wiki issues have been discussed within Debian lately

I left a message on #debian-www IRC about this, and no one seems to disagree (got no answer at all :) ). So I guess it's fine, as long no one reverts my changes :)

A plus!

The Game page looks great!