Debian mips64el port

This page tracks the progress of the mips64el port (currently only in unstable)


The mips64el architecture is currently being bootstrapped in the unstable distribution, it doesn't have the corresponding testing distribution yet. Currently it has about 95% of the archive built.


Little endian, N64 ABI, MIPS64r2 ISA, and hardware floating-point.


Daily builds of debian-installer are available. Alternatively run debootstrap on a Debian mipsel system, then configure bootloader and kernel.


Development Team

There are significant contributions by people from open-source communities and companies. If you are a Debian developer interested in this port, please let us know.

Development machines

For Debian developers the porterbox has both mipsel and mips64el chroots.

Build Machines

The mips64el port currently has 4 build daemons. In addition the 5 mipsel build daemons also build mips64el with lower priority.



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