Debian mips64el port

This page tracks the progress of the mips64el port (unofficial).


Currently, the archive is mostly based on the Debian archive. We have 2 build machines tracking the current unstable.

Binary Packages

The binary packages built can be found at

Little endian, N64 ABI, MIPS64r1 ISA, and hardware floating-point.

Build Machines

We are using a set of simple scripts and MySQL database to track all the builds (the role of wanna-build), and sbuild is used on buildd machines.

Build logs can be found at:

Lists and Statistics

Updated at least every 15 minutes.

Buildable Sources

Failed Builds

Dependency Waits

More than 10k (of ~12k) source packages built without any external patch.


Run debootstrap on a Debian mipsel system, then configure bootloader and kernel.


Development Team

There are significant contributions by people from open-source communities and companies. If you are a Debian developer interested in this port, please let us know.

Development machines

A Loongson 3A machine (running Debian/mips64el) is available as porterbox and can be used by developers. If you want an account on this environment, feel free to ask YunQiang Su, by providing the following information: