Doctor in God sciences and religious studies and Ph.D. student in Transmissions, Telecommunications, Iot and Artificial Intelligence (National Institut of Postes and Telecommunications in Rabat). researcher at Native LABs, inc. I like technology, reading and my little daughter Ghita. My first program was an Horoscope in Basic in 1993. I have done a lot of work on the infrastructure side in system engineering, software engineering, managed networks and security.

I worked for NIC France, Capgemini, HP and Orange, I was part of (SRE) Site Reliability Engineer ’s team whom responsible for keeping data centers’s servers and customer’s applications up and running. I’m the creator of the functional and imperative programming language PASP. I reviewed and written 8 books for Apress and Spring Nature Editor.

I’m the founder of Native LABS inc, who manufactures next generation infrastructures with big interest in Internet Protocols and security appliances.

My skills and education :

* Often I’m a serious person, modest and relaxed, I’m always looking for ways to live the life by constantly learning new things to improve myself.

Personal Interests: