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MichaelBanck: "Totally changed the way we think about team-maintenance"


Failed, too complex.


svn.debian.org was successful (more or less), but svn-buildpackage?

?JossMouette: we use it for GNOME packages, but it's just a convenience and we don't use the possibility to merge upstream changes in our SVN tree. For us, SVN is merely a shared filesystem. I don't know whether that many developers are able to grasp all advantages from a modern RCS. Personally, I'm not.

SimonRichter: SVN is centralized, so you have an authoritative source and need not talk to the other team members to synchronize.

?JossMouette: This is another possible reason for SVN's success: branches are directories, which are a reasonably widespread concept among Unix developers. In fact, SVN is what looks the most closely to a distributed and versioned filesystem, which is how most packaging teams use it.


DanielLeidert "Probably just useful for maintainer groups and a handful of developers (like e.g. me). Because it needs at least a running CVS-server and CVS knowledge (and users that like CVS). This limits the use and users range. But AFAIK it was and still is widely used on Alioth."