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Two release goals have been proposed for Jessie:
 * [[ReleaseGoals/honorCCandCXX|debian/rules honor CC and CXX]]
 * [[ReleaseGoals/clang-secondary-compiler|Clang as secondary compiler]]
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Based the debile project, a new infrastructure is being installed.



This page describes the current efforts on the LLVM toolchain (clang, lldb, lld, libc++, etc) in Debian. A state of the LLVM toolchain is described in this blog post.

Two release goals have been proposed for Jessie:

Massive archive rebuild

At each new release of llvm/clang, a full rebuild is done of the Debian archive. Rebuilds have been done with clang 2.9, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.

Results are published on: http://clang.debian.net/

Parallel infrastructure to rebuild packages

Every Debian package uploaded in unstable is rebuild using clang instead of gcc. Results are published on: http://buildd-clang.debian.net/ and linked from the PTS.

Based the debile project, a new infrastructure is being installed.

Fixing FTBFS with clang

Bugs are reported with the tag clang-ftbfs

Nightly packages of LLVM & Ubuntu

Some packages are built and published on the LLVM.org website: http://llvm.org/apt/

They are built through a Jenkins instance: http://llvm-jenkins.debian.net/

Repository built with clang

An repository containing packages built with clang is available for testing. Note that this repository is not updated.

deb http://clang.debian.net/repository-2013-04-07/ unstable-clang main

Using scan-build

The LLVM toolchain integrates a static analyzer called scan-build. A GSoC project by Léo Cavaillé and mentored by Sylvestre aims to provide an automatic rebuild of packages using scan-build to provide reports.


Sylvestre Ledru - sylvestre@debian.org