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Users and Group share the same namespace. To prevent clashes with usernames we enforce groups to a '-team' suffix, with the exception being the 'Debian' group, of which all Debian Developers are members.
사용자와 그룹은 같은 네임스페이스를 공유한다. 사용자이름과 충돌을 막기 위해 그룹에 '-team' 접미사 붙이며, 모든 데비안 개발자가 멤버인 'Debian' 그룹은 예외.

Salsa 문서

Salsa 는 데비안의 협업 개발자 플랫폼이다.

사용자 : 로그인 및 등록

Namespace 개념 (Users, Teams)

데비안 개발자

데비안 개발자는 LDAP으로부터 6시간마다 동기되고 데비안 로그인은 Salsa 사용자 이름으로 유지됨.

외부 사용자

데비안 LDAP 사용자이름과 충돌하지 않도록, 외부 사용자는 접미사 -guest 를 사용자 이름에 붙임.


사용자와 그룹은 같은 네임스페이스를 공유한다. 사용자이름과 충돌을 막기 위해 그룹에 '-team' 접미사 붙이며, 모든 데비안 개발자가 멤버인 'Debian' 그룹은 예외.

To create a group, log in and go to the team registration page. There is also a link to it from the registration page: if you're not logged in yet, you will be asked to do so and be redirected afterwards.

프로젝트 및 저장소

A project = a repository.

You can create several projects in the same namespace (user or group).

Debian Developers are able to create projects in the Debian/ Namespace. It's the Salsa equivalent of 'collab-maint' on Alioth.

Alioth 이전 사용자를 위한 힌트

Salsa provides services which partially replace some features of the former Alioth service. The following hints may help you to move your packaging collaboration effort from Alioth to Salsa.

Many Alioth features are (intentionally) not provided by the Salsa platform. You may want to take a look at the related discussion during a sprint for the detailed reasons for this decision.

There is significant overlap between this section and the Alioth#Deprecation_of_Alioth documentation. Those should be merged, somehow. -- TheAnarcat 2017-09-23 18:41:36

Import git repository


Import non-git version control repository

Only git repositories are supported by the Salsa platform.

You may want to take a look at the reasons for not supporting other version control systems within Salsa.

Import mailing list

Salsa does not offer any mailinglist features on its own (see discussion).

Some mailing lists that were formerly hosted on Alioth may be eligible for being hosted on lists.debian.org. The lists eligible for migration must follow the requirements outlined on the "How to ask a mailing list" guide. The process is also the same as outlined on the guide.

The following kind of lists are probably acceptable for lists.debian.org:

  • The list is expected to be useful, to have a purpose and an audience.
  • Public discussion or support lists are probably OK.
  • Commit or bug notifications lists are not OK. You should use the dedicated features of gitlab instead. If you're interested in a package's bug, you're expected to subscribe to it using the BTS features.

Short version: file a bug on the pseudo-package lists.debian.org with the severity 'wishlist', with the following information:

  • List Name
  • Rationale (why do you need this list, stating that you had one on Alioth is not enough!)
  • Short Description (for display in list indices)
  • Long Description (targeted to people that need to decide if they want to join)
  • Category

Lists migrated from Alioth are expected to be open, that is:

  • Open Subscription Policy (no closed lists)
  • Open Post Policy (anybody can post)
  • Open Archive

If you do want the archive and/or the subscribers to be imported into your new mailing list, please:

  • on alioth, using your ssh access, run 'sudo /usr/local/bin/export-list <mailing_list_name>' to get gzipped tar archive (on stdout) containing:

    • mbox file of the archive
    • subscribers list in simple text file
  • import the resulting mbox file in your favorite e-mail reader and clean the spam,
  • attach the compressed archive and/or the list of subscribers to your request.

Also, please understand that the requirements and features for lists on lists.debian.org are not the same as for a mailing list on Alioth, and the listmaster might reject your request. Lists.debian.org is not supposed to replace all mailing lists and aliases on Alioth.

팀의 중요한 멤버

It is not possible to transfer the members of an Alioth team to Salsa. You will need to ask the members of your team to join your team on Salsa individually.

웹 페이지 호스트 프로젝트

Gitlab offer the "Gitlab Pages" feature, and it is enabled on Salsa both as https://pages.debian.net/<namespace>/<project> or http://<namespace>.pages.debian.net/<project>

This feature makes use of Gitlab-CI to generate static pages in a public directory, on every push.

See https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/user/project/pages/index.html for a detailed documentation and HOWTOs.

  • Note: there is no SSL for <namespace>.pages.debian.net, since Let's Encrypt doesn't provide wildcard certificates yet.

Should you want to access the pages with your own domain name and your own certificate, it is possible via 'Settings > Pages > New Domain' in your project.

빠른 시작

  1. On your project Home, use Set up CI button

  2. Choose a Gitlab CI Yaml template (Pages templates are at the end)

  3. Edit the template to suit your needs and save it
    • Note: To limit the load on Runners, we limit the actual runs on projects tagged with "pages". So you need to add it to your .gitlab-ci.yml:

          - pages
  4. Push something to the repository. You will see there is a CI Job pending
  5. Wait a few minutes for the job to run. When it's Passed you can see your pages at https://pages.debian.net/<namespace>/project (or http://<namespace>.pages.debian.net/<project>/)

    • Note: Even though we plan to support simple page generators like Jekyll or Hugo in the future, in most cases, you should content yourself with the HTML template, and generate the pages locally to push them afterward, in order to save the resources on the runner. Some templates might require commands not available on the server anyway.

    • Note 2: We mean that. Really. Be nice to the server. At some point in the future we hope to add some dedicated Runners servers - Sponsors welcome! ;).

도움 받기

Salsa maintenance 설명을 보세요.