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이 문서는 데비안 개발에 관한 모두를 위한 참고서입니다. 이 매뉴얼은 데비안 관리자를 위한 절차와 리소스를 설명합니다. 버그 추적 시스템, 메일링 리스트, 프로젝트 회원 가입 방법, 업로드 절차, 번역 등을 처리하는 방법을 설명합니다.


Debian Developer (DD)은 데비안 프로젝트 참여자를 의미합니다. 데비안 개발자들은 데비안 소프트웨어 패키징을 위해 일하거나, 프로젝트의 번역과 같은 다른 작업들을 통해 많은 방법으로 기여합니다. 모든 종류의 기여를 환영합니다.

각 참여자는 새 데비안 구성원 절차의 패키지 관련 분야에 선택적으로 참여할 수 있고, 원하는 경우 데비안 아카이브에 패키지를 업로드할 수 있는 권한을 얻게 됩니다.

데비안 개발자 되기

누구나 새 데비안 구성원 지원 절차를 통해 데비안 개발자가 될 수 있습니다. 이 프로세스 설명은 아래에 있습니다.

Each individual application process is conducted by an existing Debian Developer who acts as Application Manager. (At present, Debian Developers can apply to become Application Managers after six months as project members.)


이 섹션에서 쓰는 용어:

데비안 개발자가 되는 절차

Steps required to become a project member, or Debian Developer

1단계: Application

First read the Applicant's Checklist and the application page.

Before applying to the Debian New Member process :

Advocating a Debian Project Member

Every application to become a Debian Developer must be advocated by an existing Debian Developer who is familiar with the applicant's work, and who believes that he/she is of a suitable standard both technically and socially.

2단계: Work with the Application Manager

Once your application has been accepted you must wait to be assigned an Application Manager. The Application Manager will:

If you want to gain unrestricted rights to upload packages to the Debian archive, then you will also have to answer questions about packaging in the Philosophy and Procedures and the Tasks and Skills parts, or to have existing packaging contributions that demonstrate your mastery of the relevant topics. Normally the Application Manager will need to ask questions about at least a few topics to see if you have read the required documentation.

3단계: Account creation

Once the Application Manager agrees that you are ready to become a Debian Developer and submits a report, you should carry on with your current Debian work while you wait for:



As a DD (i.e. a Debian Member) you're eligible to several benefits, including special discounts for some services.

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