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Translation(s): ?English - ?Italiano - 한국어

공통 물음

왜 "-guest" 가 내 계정 뒤에 붙나요?

All Debian developers automatically have their usual Debian account on Alioth. Since new people join Debian all the time, a login name already used on alioth may be in conflict with

the login of a new Debian developer.

That's why all public accounts created on Alioth have a "-guest" suffix.

Will you accept my project ?

Please read the guidelines given in the announce of Alioth. Alioth is meant as a service for the Debian community. More precisely, any free software project with a Debian developer in the team can be hosted on alioth.debian.org. Non-Debian developers can request projects, but they'll be rejected if their purpose is not directly related to Debian. If you can find a Debian Developer willing to sponsor your project, the project will most likely be approved. In that case, ask the sponsor to register the project for you.

나에게 Alioth project 가 필요한가요?

아래 경우라면 그렇습니다:

  • you want to host upstream development of something
  • the project is affiliated with a Debian team who is going to maintain many packages

아래 경우라면 아닙니다:

  • you just need a SVN/bzr/git/hg/darcs repository for package maintenance. But you can still host that repository on Alioth within the collab-maint project. See the link below.

Please check ?Alioth/PackagingProject for generic guidelines.

How can I migrate my -guest account to my new official Debian account ?

There's no way to migrate anything. You need to contact all project admins of projects that you are part of and ask them to add the new account and to remove the old -guest account. When you're done, please request the removal of the old -guest account.

You need not request addition/removal to/from the collab-maint project. All official Debian developers have access to it by default and removing an account also removes it from all projects.

Note that since Alioth does not use the official password database, you need to request a new password before you can log in with your Debian account.

How can I remove my old -guest account ? an unused project ?

You can't do that yourself. Please request the removal via the siteadmin support request tracker.

How can I remove spam from list archives?

Unfortunately there's no easy way to do it. List archives are owned by a dedicated user and we're not sure how to properly regenerate the HTML pages anyway. In addition, regenerating the archives would result in URL changes for the messages. A future version of mailman or switching to lurker or lists.debian.org's version of mhonarc would fix this.

What is the SSH key fingerprint of alioth?

See ?Alioth/SSH.

공통 문제

I try to identify on the web but I get "username doesn't exist"

If you just created your account, remember that your username has a "-guest" suffix.

I created my account on Alioth but I can't login via ssh

The alioth account doesn't imply a unix account. You get a unix account only when you're added to a project. Unix accounts are created daily, thus if you have just been added to a project, please wait 24 hours.

If after that delay, you still can't login, please contact the admins.

I'm a Debian developer but I can't connect to alioth.debian.org with my Debian password

Your alioth account has a different password from your usual Debian one. To activate your alioth account, you have to request a new password. The gforge- inject.pl script, responsible for retrieving the latest list of Debian accounts and adding the missing ones to the FusionForge database, runs hourly.

I can't ssh to svn+ssh://${ALIOTH_USER}@svn.debian.org

See ?Alioth/SSH.

I lost the password for a mailing list

If you're a project admin, you can request that the password be reset by clicking on the "Reset admin password" link in the Admin section of the Lists tab under your project. All current list owners will get the new password. If the list owners are no longer reachable, please send a mail to admin@alioth.debian.org explaining the situation and we'll change the password manually.

BTS/ftpmasters messages to lists are held for moderation

If your list is set as Maintainer, and depending on your list configuration, messages from BTS and other sources will be held for moderation with a "message has implicit destination" reason.

To whitelist those messages go to "privacy options" -> "spam filters" in the list administration interface. From here you can match against headers and put "accept" as action for messages matching those rules.

Most likely some of the rules you want to apply are:

  •  ^Sender:.*debbugs@.*.debian.org.* 

  •  ^From:.*noreply@release.debian.org.* 

  •  ^From:.*@ftp-master.debian.org.* 

Those will whitelist messages from BTS, from testing migration scripts, and from ftpmasters respectively.

I'm getting lots of spam on the forums/trackers

You need to restrict anonymous posting to the forums and trackers. For this you have to edit the rights associated with the "observer" role. In your project, click in the "administration" tab and then click

on the "Modify observer" button (on the right, just below the list of members).

Something deletes my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file

See ?Alioth/SSH.

SSH port is blocked, it doesn't ask me my password anymore

See ?Alioth/SSH.


Alioth runs FusionForge. Alioth is running the last version (5.2.3).

Source ?

Alioth uses a modified version of FusionForge. It is stored in a bzr branch at https://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/bzr/users/lolando/fusionforge/

Feel free to send us patches that apply to this tree if you want to get something fixed in a more timely fashion.

Subversion/arch/bzr/git/hg/darcs/CVS repositories

The repositories are hosted on svn.debian.org, arch.debian.org, bzr.debian.org, git.debian.org,

hg.debian.org, darcs.debian.org and cvs.debian.org. They are all hosted by alioth.debian.org itself.

All the repositories are directly handled by FusionForge.

How do I create a subversion/arch/bzr/git/hg/darcs repository for my project ?

You don't need to submit a ticket any more. Enable “Use Source Code“ in your project administrative interface (“Tools”, in the “Admin” tab) and then go to “Admin”, “Tools”, then “Source Code Admin ” in the “Tool Admin” box. There you can select the type of repository wanted. Be sure to link the external role "Anonymous/not logged in" and give them read access to your SCM repository, otherwise the repository will be private and only project members will be able to access its content. Note: You need to wait for the hourly cron job to effect the change.

Can I use baz/tla/another arch implementation ?

Your arch repository is an empty directory. You can use any tool that you want provided that it has a method to access it which works with the services available on arch.debian.org (sftp, rsync over ssh, http for read-only access).

How do I give write permission outside my Alioth project ?

The repositories have access control lists—ACL(5)—that can be used to extend their write permissions to other Alioth projects, or to the special Debian group, that includes all the Debian developers.

This can be very useful for packaging projects with a broad scope. Only the administrators can change the ACLs on the repositories, so you will have to ask them to do it for you.

What happens when I change the type of VCS repository? Is the previous repository removed?

The previous repository is not removed, it remains available just like usual and you can continue using it. However you might lose the web browser interface integrated in FusionForge (in the alioth.debian.org domain). The other web interfaces (available at anonscm.debian.org) are not affected. The ?FusionForge VCS-related cron jobs (fixing permissions, generating snapshots and gathering statistics) only go over the currently selected type of repository.

I gave a new developer commit access, how soon until it takes effect ?

If the developer already has a Unix account, they should be added to the dedicated group almost immediately. They might have to have to wait a bit because the NSS information might be cached by nscd.

좀더 물어보려면?

Please be sure to checkout the other dedicated pages:

You can also join the channel #alioth on irc.debian.org.