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Alioth는 깨졌고, 고칠 사람 없습니다. 남은 사람들에게 묻지 마시오. 일부분은 대체 되겠지만, 지금(2017-08)은 아닙니다. 업데이트를 위하여 debian-devel-announce 를 구독하세요.

현재 협업 리소스에 대해 배우고 싶다면 Alioth를 대체한 Salsa를 살펴 보십시오. 아마 Alioth에서 Salsa 로 프로젝트를 이전하고 싶을 것입니다.


Alioth 중단

Alioth는 더 이상 사용되지 않으며 wheezy EOL로 사라질 것입니다. 특정 Alioth 서비스에 대한 아래 힌트를 읽으시오.


메일링리스트 대체수단 없음


Alioth has these administrators (IRC nick in parenthesis):

They can all approve projects and have full administrative rights on all project if needed. They also have root rights on the machine.

They can be contacted via If you encounter a problem with alioth, you can file a support request on the siteadmin project. Sometimes, when you need to prod an administrator to do something, you can join #alioth on (OFTC) ... they may help you.

Technical details

The machine hosting is running on It is also hosting,,,,, and Those services are tightly related to Alioth since all the user accounts and the groups are taken from FusionForge database. This means that you can only create VCS repositories for existing alioth projects and that any member of that project will have access to the corresponding public repository.

All VCS repositories can be automatically created by FusionForge: enable “Source code management (SCM)” in your project (this can be done in the “Admin” tab, click on “Edit public infos”), then go the “Admin“ page in the “SCM” tab and there you can choose the type of SCM wanted. The repository will be automatically created by a cron job some hours later.

Alioth uses a modified version of FusionForge, see Alioth/FAQ#src to grab the dedicated bzr branch. Feel free to send us patches that apply to this tree if you want to get something fixed in a more timely fashion.

How can I help?

We tend to have a big number of support requests, please help us deal with those. Sometimes it requires a change to FusionForge, sometimes it only requires explanations to the submitter, you'll surely find something to do over there.

Other questions

Before asking an admin, please read the Alioth/FAQ.

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