Instead of having this list hang on my fridge, I'll maintain my personal Debian TODO list here.


18:17 < helmut> josch: so now that you have Packages files, let me give you wishlist examples.
18:20 < helmut> josch: the ones to look into are those with a stage (for easier search: all of them call cross_build_setup explicitly)
18:20 < helmut> josch: some of those have strange hacks such as cyrus-sasl2 selecting stages via DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
18:22 < helmut> josch: the ones we are interested in on the other hand are those where build profiles work as intended. e.g. systemd, util-linux, openldap, libidn.
18:23 < helmut> josch: and for util-linux we actually need two builds (stage1 and non-stage1), but only the former is being run atm.
18:25 < helmut> for now we can encode the info that util-linux needs a staged build explicitly, but in the long run, I'd like a tool to figure out whether the stage is needed.