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Fonti di supporto Debian

Siti ufficiali del Progetto Debian

Su, sito ufficiale di Debian, si può trovare una sezione specificamente dedicata alla documentazione.


Risorse per gli utenti

Risorse per utenti Debian (HOWTO, articoli, etc)

Advocacy, sviluppatori, informazioni interne


Debian Related Wikis

Other international support

Package Description

In the package description you can find some useful information, like a short description of the package, a link to the original website, a list of files contained, and more. The package description can be accessed at the url<package-name>. Or, try "aptitude show $PKG" (you may need to "apt-get update && apt-get aptitude && aptitude update" first).

One of the best places to look for help for a single package or application is to read stuff in /usr/share/doc/<package-name> (especially README.Debian). This is documentation written by developers or package maintainers. It is quite concise, but usually mentions most common problems and solutions, and new features and fixed bugs.

Bug tracking system

Many problems' solutions can be found as bug report responses. A search engine for bug reports is found on Remember that if you want to search in archived (quite old) bugs you must chose "archived bugs" option. If you want to look at bugs of a specific package use<package-name>.

Generic Linux & Unix Documentation

Here is a short list of places where you can find *nix related documentation.

Please add to this list only universally useful links. For example a page explaining how to install nVidia kernel drivers is not a good idea. -- PaoloPan

Interactive Documentation

These are places where you can ask a question and probably receive an answer. It is very important to give as much information as possible (within reason) when asking a question. It is very likely that you will get a satisfying answer, providing you have been able to sufficiently describe your problem so others can understand it.


A resource that many of the tech savvy use is Google. It is a great place to search for Debian related information. You would be amazed how fast you can answer a simple question with a simple query. Try out the English version at:

Google Linux

Linux specific searches using Google can be done through the Linux advanced search page:


Many free and non-free books are listed on Debian website.

Extra books could be listed below.

Instant Messaging

IRC channel

An IRC channel named #debian can be found on and on To connect, you need an IRC client (see IrcClients). More information can be found on GettingHelpOnIrc and IRC.

The channel has its own FAQ.

Jabber chat rooms

There is a chat room dedicated to Debian support on server. Join the room at with the jabber client of your choice.

More information on Jabber and Debian support chat rooms for your own language.