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This page aims to provide an entry point to the various Debian internal teams. The goal is to document everything that is important for people who want to help and maybe later join the corresponding teams. If you're part of such a team, you should check out the guidelines for internal teams, which provides information on creating and keeping a successful team.


For conveniences, please keep the list alphabetically sorted.


Development projects

Packaging teams

In addition to the general guidelines for teams there's a page collecting resources for packaging teams.

There are far more teams!

Help out

If you want to create a new page for a team, please create it as a subpage of this page and use TeamTemplate as a start. It's best when the page is created by a member of the team. However, when the team is known to be overloaded, and if you would like to join that team to help out, it's wise to create the page and put all your knowledge about the team in that page. Then ask someone from the team to review it.

Some teams that have not yet been added to this page are listed in ?/TODO.

About this page

A somewhat similar effort was once started with ?TaskDescription but it was too theoric and never got very far. This page aims to be much more concrete and lightweight so that people effectively keep it up to date.