Perhaps this is only a formality, but --


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate that i386 (IA32) meets the architecture recertification criteria for etch.


The architecture is publicly available without NDAs via:




  4. etc ad naseum

Developer machines

The following machines are available to developers:

  1. - maintained by Debian System Administration, good connectivity

  2. - new machine, not yet deployed but intended to split tasks with gluck and have developer chroots, will be maintained by DSA.

Waiver: everyone has an i386 of their own, developer machines are unnecessary.

This is wrong. I don't have any i386 machines, and no intention of getting one. More than once I wanted to debug something on i386, and couldn't. -- Falk Hueffner <>

A waiver shouldn't be necessary, but there aren't any i386 machines with chroots listed on, and the non-gluck developer access machines all seem to be down, or require a separate account.

Port maintainers

The Debian port is maintained by the following developers, who are familiar with arch-specific issues for this port:

  1. Joey Hess <>

  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...

Waiver: the majority of developers work on i386 natively, so arch-specific issues are usually dealt with by maintainers and upstream rather than a small porting team.


The port is being actively used at the following sites:

  1. multiple machines, over 100 active users on in first week of October, many
    • more using services remotely such as

Download statistics indicate i386 accounts for over 90% of Debian users.


The installer is being maintained by Joey Hess and numerous other d-i team members and it's currently working effectively. Successful installation reports are available on even days of the week.

Upstream support

Upstream support is provided by:

Archive coverage and Autobuilder support

Archive cleanliness

The port builds from unmodified Debian source.


The following machines run buildds for the port:

Waiver (for redundancy, since there isn't any): Most developers upload for i386; buildd downtime can be made up for with manual uploads for the few other packages


The security team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture:

The Debian admin team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture:

The release team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture: