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Minimo and OLPC

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HOWTO Minimo and OLPC


Debian OLPC

You'll need a Debian Filesystem as described in "HOWTO Debian OLPC"

Download source

We recommend you to compile it in your desktop(x86), cause it takes a good time.

You can download the source using CVS as described in Mozilla Page.


You can download a tarball that Tonikitoo released to me. He got it from Mozilla CVS.

After it, you can uncompress Minimo in your current folder.

   tar -xvjf mozilla_20070601.tar.bz2

It's going to generate a folder named mozilla.

   cd mozilla 

Compile and test

Inside mozilla folder, let's compile Minimo.

   cp minimo/config/mozconfig/linux_x86 ./mozconfig
   make -s -f build_all
   make -s package -C minimo/base
   cd dist/minimo
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.

With the previews steps Minimo came up and GREAT SUCCESS!!!! :) It works!!!

Copy to OLPC rootfs

Now, let's copy minimo folder to OLPC rootfs.

   cd ..
   sudo cp -r minimo /media/OLPCRoot/opt/.

Test inside OLPC

We configured fluxbox to open a X term with ALT+e.

   echo "Mod1 e :ExecCommand xterm"

Start up fluxbox on Debian/OLPC.


Open a Xterm(ALT+e). Export the correct variables and test minimo.

   cd /opt/minimo
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.

That's all!!!

Comments are welcome !!!! :)

Created by:

Francisco Alecrim <>

Toninho (Antonio Gomes) <>