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The how-can-i-help program hooks into APT to list opportunities for contributions to Debian (like orphaned packages, or bugs tagged 'newcomer') for packages installed locally, after each APT invocation. It can also be invoked directly, and then lists all opportunities for contribution (not just the new ones).


The how-can-i-help program is provided by the how-can-i-help package, which can be installed by the normal means.

Opportunities for contribution

Currently, how-can-i-help shows the following opportunities for contribution:

WNPP packages

There are different kinds of Work-Needing and Prospective Packages:

If you need more information about the process of how to go about adopting packages, please refer to the Packaging Tutorial.

'Newcomer' bugs

The newcomer tag (formerly gift tag) indicates bugs that are suitable for new contributors to Debian, willing to make a gift to Debian maintainers, or to Debian in general.

list of bugs tagged newcomer, another list

newcomer is a usertag, but the bts command has a shortcut for it: bts tag 12345 + newcomer

For more information, see

Bugs affecting Debian infrastructure

These list includes bugs tagged newcomer and affecting the part of the Debian infrastructure that uses pseudopackages to handle issues.

Packages removed or going to be removed from Debian testing

These are packages affected by RC bugs or other blockers (build failure, missing deps, etc), the maintainer might need help.

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