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{{{#!wiki note
The package DebPkg:hotplug was superseded by [[udev]] in DebianLenny. /* (removed to resolve bug DebianBug:428692) */ .

The DebPkg:hotplug contains the scripts necessary for hotplug Linux support, and lets you plug in new devices and use them immediately. It includes support for [[PCI]], [[CardBus]] ([[PCMCIA]]), [[USB]] and !FireWire devices and can automatically configure network interfaces.

See also :
 * [[DebianMan:8/hotplug|hotplug]] manpage.
 * [[http://linux-hotplug.sourceforge.net/]] - Upstream homepage.

CategoryProposedDeletion: Superseded by [[udev]], not part of Debian stable, removed to resolve bug DebianBug:428692.