My name is Duque Harlen I am 34 years systems analyst and serves on the TI 14 years, has experience in various areas such as: Operating Systems: Xenix, Aix, Scounix, LInux (Debian, Suse, RedHat, OpenBSD, Ubuntu .. ) Windows Server Systems .. Applied Systems: Erps (Datasul, Logix, Sgt) Systems BI, CRM and Datawherehouse I have some experience at the security, poltitics and good practices. Currently I am a director of Thee Brazilian group of companies that operate in various economic areas. I am a user and lover of the Gnu / Linux since 1998, starter with Slack had a passage by the late Caldera, after Suse, Debian, Ubuntu OpenBSD and more recently.

Finally I have a good experience in Linux environments and would like to cooperate in any way we can to aid in the dissemination of Debian. I I think that Debian Linux undoubtedly today is the best distribution Open Source, has adopted the same in many servers of the company, and I believe very future of Debian and its methodology of development.

A big hug to all Debian community and I am available for whatever is needed.

Harlen Duque - The life is great miracle