Gitlab is a git front end with repository management, graphs, links, goodies, commands to run, and review capabilities similar in feel to a self hosted github.

Debian is running its own Instance of Gitlab under, which is not based on the packaged version.


Gitlab 8.13.11 is available in stretch, but it is not receiving any security updates. So it is recommend to update to newer versions from unstable or stretch-backports.

# apt install gitlab


Gitlab 11.5.4 is available in unstable (no open security issues).

Stretch Backports

Gitlab 10.8.7 is available in stretch-backports (still affected by some security issues). Note 1: node-ansi-align was missed in earlier upload, so you'll need to get it from the personal repo below until it clears backports-NEW Note 2: Work is already in progress to update gitlab to 11.5.5 with all security fixes.

Gitlab 11.5.4 is available for stretch-backports via personal repo of gitlab maintainer (no open security issues) from

Note 1: Official stretch-backports repo is also required for this personal repo to work. See Backports. Note 2: is running on this version.

# apt -t stretch-backports install gitlab

Omnibus Packages

Note: this section is about installation of upstream-provided unofficial packages.


all actions are performed under root user, in ~ unless otherwise noted.

Step 1

navigate to and copy down the link to the debian deb package.

as of this writing @ june, 5, 2014


Step 2


Step 3

i got errors 1st time around 2nd time around gitlab looked like it set everything and ran well.

To avoid errors, execute /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/runsvdir-start for one minute, more or less (tested in 7.9.0 and 7.9.1 omnibus versions).


to verify that things are running


Step 4

navigate to your servers ip address or domain name, and login as:

user: root password: 5iveL!fe

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