New changes

  1. From gitlab 14.2.6: postgresql database should be updated to 13 before installing gitlab 14.2. See gitlab/postgresql-update for steps to upgrading postgresql to 13.

  2. From gitlab 14.0.10: We no longer require a work around to install grpc and google-protobuf gems from, packaged versions now work.
  3. From 2021 July 23: We no longer require the personal repo of gitlab maintainer to install gitlab, all golang packages can now be added to directly. Thanks to Akshay S Dinesh for fixing this long pending bug (See for details).

  4. New workaround from gitlab 13.12.3: You need to use google-protobuf from (see below for details).

  5. New from gitlab 13.10.4: Since this version includes gitlab-workhorse golang binary, it was moved to and should now include contrib section.
  6. New in gitlab 13.6.7-1: New user created after a fresh installation should be approved using gitlab-rails-console. See gitlab#your_account_is_awaiting_approval_from_your_GitLab_administrator for steps to approving users and creating a user with Administrative privileges.

  7. New in gitlab 13.3.8-1: You will need to install grpc gem from gem install -v 1.30.2 grpc (more details below). If you run gitaly on a different machine, you will need to do this on that machine as well.

  8. New in gitlab 13.2.6-3: We have switched to puma as application server replacing unicorn. Upstream already made the switch from 12.9 and unicorn support will be dropped in gitlab 14.0. They saw a memory reduction of 37% in after the switch. See more details about this switch at this upstream blog post puma defaults to listening only on unix sockets and if you are running gitaly on a different machine, then you will have to edit /etc/gitlab/puma.rb to bind to tcp:// url as well.