Maintainer's corner

  1. Installing gitlab on an lxc container to test - See gitlab/lxc

  2. Backport/Fasttrack checklist - See gitlab/BackportChecklist

  3. Dependencies Transitions checklist - See gitlab/DependenciesTransitions

  4. Managing Components - See gitlab/ManagingComponents

  5. Mixing apt and yarn installed node modules - See gitlab/yarn

  6. Manually running webpack to troubleshoot bundling issues - See gitlab/webpack

  7. Notes for next version of gitlab being prepared - See gitlab/devel

  8. Notes for fasttrack-staging - see gitlab/fasttrack-staging


  1. Aim to get gitlab back in main by bullseye release by packaging all node dependencies. current status This is now an Outreachy project (from December 2019 to March 2020).

  2. Get autopkgtest working so we can detect problems when someone updates dependencies without coordinating with us. Current Status

Prioritizing tasks

We should try to pick tasks according to the following priority list,

  1. Update to latest security release (in unstable/experimental and fasttrack). Remember to add the CVEs fixed in the release (listed in the release blog post) to debian/changelog. Subscribe to Security Alerts: Notification alerts to critical security updates. at to get notified by email about new security releases. Usually we have security releases once or twice per month.

  2. Update to next feature release (in unstable/experimental and fasttrack) before support for current stable release ends (usually 3 months). See Teams/Ruby/Packaging/newUpstreamRailsApp.

  3. We should try to keep the same upstream version in both unstable/experimental and fasttrack to avoid maintaining two versions. This means not starting a feature update close to a scheduled security release (usually at the end or starting of every month). Because a feature update may take more days to complete and involve complexities compared to a security update.
  4. Getting packages from experimental to unstable can take time as it involves transitions and coordinating with many others, so we should prioritize moving directly from experimental to fasttrack before we attempt moving from experimental to unstable.
  5. Package remaining node modules and switch to packaged versions. Update 0740-use-packaged-modules.patch by removing the newly packaged module from package.json and adding it to Depends in debian/control. It is better to backport the packaged modules first to avoid updates getting blocked (sometimes you may need to backport a large number of build dependencies). See